Natural Drain Cleaner for Hair

Best Natural Drain Cleaner for Hair – Top 5 Reviews In 2023

Hair-clogged drains are a common problem in households and are sometimes challenging to unclog. Water can back up and overflow from a clogged drain, making a huge mess. This is not only annoying, but it might also be dangerous if the water begins to pool.

Using poisonous and abrasive chemical cleansers can harm your family and your plumbing. Use the finest drain cleaner for hair removal instead to unclog your drain in a secure and efficient manner.

The fact that a natural cleanser is non-toxic, inexpensive, and simple to find gives it the upper hand over its chemical cousin. But how can one come about?

The best five natural drain cleaners that are mild but efficient in clearing blockages are covered in the following article. Let’s get going.

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Green Gobbler Hair Clog Eliminator Liquid Drain Cleaner
Green Gobbler Hair Clog Eliminator Liquid Drain Cleaner

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Whink Hair Clog Blaster Drain Cleaner
Whink Hair Clog Blaster Drain Cleaner

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Bio Clean Drain Cleaner Hair Dissolver
Bio Clean Drain Cleaner Hair Dissolver

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Thrift Bath Drain Cleaner for Hair
Thrift Bath Drain Cleaner for Hair

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Professor Amos Drain Cleaner to Dissolve Hair
Professor Amos Drain Cleaner to Dissolve Hair

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Are Natural Products Good to Clear Clogged Drains?

Yes, of course. When it comes to clogged drains or any other issue, natural products are always your best bet. They are safe, mild, and above all else, effective. Nevertheless, using natural items as your first line of defense against drain blockages is always preferable.

Chemical cleansers can be employed when the blockage is too difficult to remove. In any event, only use them as a very last choice and sparingly. Use of these strong chemicals too frequently might harm your pipes and result in other issues.

Can You Dissolve Hair in a Drain?

Yes. There are several methods for doing this.

Utilizing a natural drain cleaner with enzymes is the simplest method. Proteins called enzymes help break down organic material, which makes it simpler to dissolve hair in the drain.

Another option is to use a plunger to push water down the drain and clear the obstruction. You prevent damaging your pipes, make sure to do this carefully.

A wire hanger is an additional choice. Straighten the hanger out and grab the hair tangle with the hook end. Carefully remove it to avoid damaging anything.

If everything else fails, you may clear the drain with a chemical cleaner, specialized natural enzymes, or the finest drain cleaner for hair jams. Use it sensibly and in accordance with the directions on the label.

Which Drain Cleaner Is Capable of Removing Hair?

If you’ve ever struggled to unclog a drain, you understand how frustrating it can be. Your pipes may get clogged as a result of the accumulation of hair and other debris over time.

Despite the fact that a variety of solutions with the claim to be able to dissolve hair are available on the market, not all of them are made equal. Some of the top drain cleaners for hair blockages that you may find are the three items listed below:

1. Green Gobbler Hair Clog Eliminator Liquid Drain Cleaner

Clearing blocked drains and getting rid of hair is safe and easy with Green Gobbler’s liquid drain cleaner. It is simple to use because to the user-friendly packaging, and the potent and efficient solution removes blockages swiftly.

This liquid cleanser may be used in pipes, sinks, tubs, toilets, and showers and is suitable for septic systems. Its non-corrosive formulation is safe for pipes because it doesn’t include bleach or sodium hydroxide. 5 Best Air Freshener for Baby Room In 2023

Why Is This Product Beneficial?

It’s time to give Green Gobbler a try if you’ve been having trouble getting your drains clean using store-bought cleaners. The potent natural components used to create this cleanser will quickly break down oil, soap scum, and hair.

Pour it down the drain and then wait for it to work its magic. Additionally, utilizing it in your house will make you feel good because it is non-toxic and biodegradable. We advise applying it just once each week for best effects.

The positive:

  • convenient package
  • No scalding water is necessary.
  • Safe for all kinds of pipelines and drains
  • removing hair, oil, soap scum, and other debris
  • Suitable for maintenance-prevention


  • This cleanser doesn’t function well with standing water in the sink.

2. Whink Hair Clog Blaster Drain Cleaner

A professional-grade product called the Whink hair clog buster drain cleaner is made to eliminate difficult hair obstructions in drains. To reach the trouble spots, its extra-thick composition easily cuts through standing water. Use of this solution is risk-free for septic systems and all pipelines.

Toilets shouldn’t be used with it. The Whink clog buster, however, is the perfect answer if you have a hair blockage in your shower or sink drain. Pour it down the drain and then wait for it to do its job. The potent mixture will blast through the hair blockage rapidly, leaving your drain clean and flowing freely.

Why Is This Product Beneficial?

Whink is a premium-strength liquid drain opener that is particularly made to dissolve hair obstructions. This solution will assist in fast and effectively clearing bathroom drain blockages if you are having a problem with hair.

Additionally, it disintegrates soap scum and is suitable for all pipes. Therefore, the Whink hair clog buster is the ideal answer if you’re seeking for a natural drain cleaner for your hair that is both efficient and safe.

The positive:

  • Strong drain cleaner for clearing hair jams
  • removes soap residue and hair clogs
  • Cuts through stagnant water Septic systems and all pipelines are safe from damage


  • cost-prohibitive if numerous bottles are required for a single outflow

3. Bio Clean Drain Cleaner Hair Dissolver

A unique blend of microorganisms and enzymes may be found in the Bio Clean drain cleaner and hair dissolver. This cleanser is made to break down the biological trash that has been dead in your plumbing system.

With this solution, you may treat up to 100 drains and avoid expensive backups. It may be used in cat litter pans, septic tanks, showers, garbage disposals, baths, and even motor homes. It is also safe for the environment.

Why Is This Product Beneficial?

Using Bio-Clean as your drain cleaner has several advantages. The most crucial aspect is that it is a safe and natural alternative to utilizing dangerous chemicals to clear your drains.

The organic debris that might block your drains, such as grease, hair, soap scum, and food particles, is all removed by Bio-Clean. It is simple to employ. After combining it with warm water, pour it down the drain. Then just let it do its thing.

The positive:

  • has a vast number of microorganisms and enzymes.
  • Safe for your plumbing system and natural
  • non-harmful to inorganic materials
  • does not generate heat, fumes, or boiling


  • Possibly less effective with sluggish drains

When looking for a natural cleaner, these top three hair clog drain cleaning solutions are all excellent choices. Each one has a special set of advantages that make it useful in various ways.

4. Thrift Bath Drain Cleaner for Hair

Use Thrift bath drain cleaner for hair blockages if you’re seeking for an all-natural solution to clear your hair drain. This cleaner’s recipe is strong and efficient since it uses alkaline-based crystals that are activated by hot water.

It is a practical option for anybody searching for a quick solution to clean their hair drain because it is also odorless and dry. Additionally, the enormous 6-pound bottle will be useful for a long period. Best Long-Lasting Air Freshener for Bathroom of 2023

Why Is This Product Beneficial?

A major annoyance, clogged drains can also emit some unpleasant odors. Not to mention that they might serve as a bacterial haven. Thrift is an all-natural drain cleaner that clears obstructions and restores the functionality of your drains fast and effectively.

Additionally, it can be used safely on the majority of surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about your pipes getting hurt. Thrift is the ideal option if you’re searching for a quick, economical approach to keep your drains clear of debris.

The positive:

  • Using it is simple with boiling water
  • removes soap and hair buildup quickly
  • About 20 to 30 minutes passed.
  • It works quickly and efficiently.
  • It can be applied to blocked or slowly moving drains.


  • An excessive amount of granular can be tough on drains.
  • If your pipes are truly jammed with hair, you will need to repeat the process.

5. Professor Amos Drain Cleaner to Dissolve Hair

The hair, oil, and food accumulation in your drains may be easily and affordably removed with Professor Amos’ drain cleaning. Each of the two bottles in this commercial-strength cleaner’s kit has 8 to 12 applications.

It is suitable for use in both residential and commercial plumbing, including septic systems. If you want to clean your drains quickly and thoroughly, this cleaner is ideal.

Why Is This Product Beneficial?

Every home needs Professor Amos SuperFast drain cleaning. If your drains are slow or blocked, or if you’re sick of having standing water in your sinks and baths, you’ll enjoy this cleaner. It removes dirt and sludge from all kinds of plumbing lines with its patented accelerator mix.

Hair and food frequently stick to solidified oil and scum accumulation, which is liquefied by the saponification reaction. This special drain cleaner is useful for both older homes with layers of buildup and new homes to maintain drain lines open and clean.

The positive:

  • swiftly unclogs plugged drains
  • can be kept for upcoming usage
  • resists the heat of the water
  • Non-toxic and beneficial to the environment
  • Works on shower drains, sink drains, and other drains


  • Direct toilet pans might not function properly.

How to Choose the Best Natural Drain Cleaner For Hair?

Best Natural Drain Cleaner for Hair

A natural drain cleaner can be something to think about if you’re looking for a powerful and secure cleaner. The substances used to make natural drain cleaners are both safe for the environment and your plumbing system.

There are a few things to keep in mind while selecting the finest drain cleaner to remove hair:

What Kind of Drain

The two primary types of drains are low-pressure drainage systems and standard gravity drains. Low-pressure drainage systems employ a pump to drive water down the pipes, as opposed to standard gravity drains, which rely on gravity to draw water down the drain.

Hair may block either type of drain, although low-pressure systems are more susceptible to backups because of the higher pressure.

To find out if your drain cleaner will work on your specific drain, read the product label. The drain types that the cleaner is compatible with are listed.

The Degree of Congestion

The severity of the obstruction must be taken into account while selecting a cleaning. You might be able to use an auger or a plunger for a minor obstruction. To break up and flush away a hair clog, on the other hand, you’ll need a stronger cleaner for a more serious blockage.

Since there are several varieties of drain cleaners available, it’s important to study the labels to choose one that won’t harm your pipes or septic system.

Using purer ingredients

Some natural drain cleaners could include strong chemicals that might hurt your health or damage your pipes because not all natural drain cleaners are made equal. Look for items that are manufactured with natural enzymes or bacteria to locate cleaner components.

Use of these items is risk-free, and they won’t harm your pipes. Another suggestion is to use the finest drain cleaner for hair in a bathtub made for the purpose. These products often include substances like vinegar or baking soda, which can aid in removing hair tangles.

Multiple Uses

Some organic drain cleaners have several applications. For instance, you could come across a product that functions both as a degreaser and an all-purpose cleaner.

Showers, sinks, and even toilet bowls may all utilize it. For the most value for your money, take into account a drain cleaner’s multipurpose application while making your selection.

Multiple Treatments

You should be aware of how many treatments are necessary. It could take several applications of certain cleaners to completely clear your drain of all hair.

It’s usually wise to err on the side of caution and get a cleaner with a greater number of treatments if you’re unclear of how many you’ll require. This information may be found on the product label.

Utilization Technique

While some cleansers are available in liquid form and may be thrown straight down the drain, others are available in powder form and must first be combined with water. You should think about how powerful of a cleaning you require.

A stronger cleaner could be necessary if there are many buildups, whilst a weaker cleaner might be adequate for minor cleaning. Make sure the cleaner is safe to use on the sort of drain that it is intended for.

Be sure to thoroughly read the labels before making your purchase since some cleansers are not suitable for use on septic systems.

Environmentally responsible

Look for biodegradable or recyclable components if you’re searching for an ecologically friendly cleanser. These cleaning products are safe to use in your house and won’t harm the environment.

They don’t contain any harsh chemicals and are non-toxic. You don’t have to be concerned about how using them will affect the environment or your health.

Find the best drain cleaner for removing hair by using these suggestions. Make sure you carefully study the labels and pick a product that won’t harm your septic system or hurt your pipes.

How to Use Natural Drain Cleaners for Hair?

To remove that bothersome hair blockage after choosing the ideal cleaning for your needs, follow these steps:

  • Using a cup or small bucket, drain the tub or bathroom sink of as much standing water as you can. The cleaner will have an easier time clearing the blockage the less water there is in the drain.
  • Fill the drain with the prescribed amount of cleaner.
  • Allowing the cleaner to sit for at least 15 minutes—or 30 minutes, if you have the patience—is best. This will give it time to dissolve the accumulation that is the cause of your problem.
  • Pour hot water down the drain slowly to flush the loose debris away. Boiling water should be avoided since it may harm your pipes. Hot tap water will work just fine.
  • If necessary, repeat steps 2 through 5 until the blockage is entirely removed and water is flowing freely down your drain once more.
  • Before using your sink or tub again, make sure to fully rinse off any cleaning residue.
  • If used properly, natural drain cleaners may successfully unclog hair obstructions from drains without needing to hire a plumber.

To prevent harming your pipes or hurting yourself, be sure to choose a natural cleaner depending on the type of pipes you have and always carefully follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Does vinegar and baking soda dissolve hair?

Both vinegar and baking soda are comparatively weak acids that can aid in the breakdown of the proteins that build up hair. When combined, these two components cause a chemical reaction that results in the production of carbon dioxide gas. The proteins in hair are aided in by this gas in their breakdown, which makes them more simpler to dissolve.

Simply pour 12 cup of baking soda and 12 cup of vinegar down your drain to employ this approach. Prior to flushing with hot water, let the mixture remain for 30 minutes. To completely eliminate the hair blockage, you might need to repeat this procedure a few times.

Can Baking Soda and Vinegar Damage Drain Pipes?

Many individuals swear by the natural and affordable method of washing their hair with vinegar and baking soda to remove dirt and grime. There is considerable worry, nevertheless, that this technique can harm drain pipes.

Because vinegar is acidic, it can corrode pipes over time. Additionally abrasive, baking soda has the potential to scratch pipes. Regular usage of these compounds may cause them to build up and block the drain. Additionally, baking soda and vinegar may combine to generate a hazardous gas as a result of the heat from boiling water.

Additionally, it’s crucial to use this technique sparingly and to thoroughly clean the drains afterward. In the end, even though baking soda and vinegar are excellent for cleaning hair, they shouldn’t be used too regularly to prevent damage to drain pipes.

Does boiling water and salt unclog a hair-clogged drain?

No, using salt and hot water to clear a hair-clogged drain is not the ideal solution. The blockage may be partially cleared by the salt, but it won’t be entirely gone. Boiling water can lead to corrosion in addition to harming your pipes.

Using a cleaner made particularly for hair clogs is a fantastic technique to get rid of a hair blockage. Enzyme-based cleaning agents break dissolve soap scum and hair that clogs pipes. You may quickly and simply clear your hair blockage without harming your pipes by using the finest drain cleaner for hair and soap.

Can You Unclog A Drain On Your Own With DIY?

You can, indeed. You can attempt a few different methods on your own to clear the clogged drain caused by hair. However, using the finest drain cleaner for hair blockage is the most efficient approach. These solutions are far more efficient than conventional drain cleaners since they are made to break down hair and soap scum.

To unclog the drain, you can also try using a plunger or a plumber’s snake. However, these techniques can be challenging, and they might not be able to clear the obstruction entirely. Your pipes might be harmed if the improper plunger or drain snake is used.

Ultimately, using a natural cleanser made especially for unclogging hair blockages is the most efficient technique to unclog your drain-clogged hair. These solutions clear clogs fast and effectively without endangering your pipes and are safe to use.

Some of the best drain cleaners for hair that you may use were already covered. You may select any one of them, and we are confident that it will enable you to swiftly and simply unclog your drain. Gratitude for reading.

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