Air Freshener for Baby Room

5 Best Air Freshener for Baby Room In 2023

Because babies are notoriously filthy, the stench of spit-up and soiled diapers may rapidly fill a nursery. Due to how frequently babies urinate, the nursery cannot constantly smell clean. You shouldn’t use strong chemicals or artificial perfumes that might be dangerous, nor should the aroma of the room be changed frequently.

The Best Air Freshener for Baby Room the nursery eliminates smells and leaves a delicate, energizing aroma. They don’t also have a strong aroma that may easily overpower you.

Here, we’ll discuss some of the best air fresheners for infant rooms that will make it cozy and secure.

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Munchkin Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners
Munchkin Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners

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Macrobaby Baby Powder Scented Room Spray
Macrobaby Baby Powder Scented Room Spray

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Citrus Magic Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener
Citrus Magic Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener

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Grab Green Diaper Pail Refresh Spray
Grab Green Diaper Pail Refresh Spray

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Glade Baby Powder Air Freshener
Glade Baby Powder Air Freshener

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Why Does Baby’s Room Smell?

The baby’s room might smell either before or after it has slept for a number of reasons. Let’s examine each of these in further detail:

soaked diapers

One explanation for the smell is that the infant may have soiled their diaper and it is coming from there. Because a newborn’s urinary system is still developing, the kidneys cannot concentrate urine to the same degree that they can in an older child. A newborn will thus need between six and eight wet diapers each day.

Whether an infant is breastfed or given formula affects how often they go potty. Because breast milk is simpler to digest than formula, breastfed babies have more bowel movements than formula-fed newborns.

When a baby is fed eight times a day, they will have eight bowel movements since newborns also defecate after every meal. So a bad stench might rapidly result from their dirty diapers.


Another possible explanation is that the infant spits up, and the dried vomit has stained the clothes or bedding. Stomach acids and other digestive secretions are present in the vomit. These substances emit an unpleasant odor when they come into contact with the air.

Vomit can disintegrate when it is kept on surfaces for a long time, which can produce an even worse stink.


When a newborn perspires, water and salt are present in the fluids. Our skin’s pores and microscopic holes are where this combination originates. Inconveniently, it also causes perspiration to become more acidic.

This acidity creates an environment where bacteria may flourish. Bacteria produce waste products with a strong, disagreeable odor during fermentation.

Whatever the reason, it’s essential to maintain the baby’s room tidy and odor-free so they can sleep well. Changing diapers often, washing the bedding, and airing out the space may all contribute to keeping Baby’s room smelling clean.

How do Air Fresheners Affect the Baby Room’s Environment?

Air fresheners may maintain the space in the baby’s room tidy and fragrant when applied there. By dispersing a fragrant fine mist into the air, air fresheners operate. In order to eliminate smells, the aroma molecules attach to contaminants like dust. In addition to refreshing the air, some air fresheners also include chemicals that aid in dissolving odor-causing compounds.

Small quantities of ozone, which has been found to lower the number of germs in the air, are also released by certain air fresheners. Read the label carefully to make sure that infants and children are protected from the air freshener, whether you mask it or neutralize it.

Is Air Freshener Good for Babies?

While some individuals insist on using air fresheners, others think they are harmless. Are babies able to use air fresheners? It depends, is the succinct response.

Some air fresheners enhance indoor air quality and are completely safe to use around infants. They have a pleasant aroma and are constructed of natural materials.

Natural air fresheners are also safe for newborns because they don’t include any abrasive chemicals or fumes. Additionally, they lack a powerful aroma that might overpower your kid.

There are harmful ingredients in certain air fresheners that can affect both children and adults. Inhaling these compounds might result in headaches, dizziness, and respiratory issues. In extreme circumstances, they may potentially cause coma or death.

These synthetic air fresheners also add to indoor air pollution, which is a serious issue for kids. According to studies, children who are exposed to high amounts of indoor pollution are more likely to develop asthma and other respiratory issues.

Our Reviews on the Best Air Freshener for Baby Room

Use a baby nursery air freshener that is safe for children because babies are particularly susceptible to the effects of hazardous chemicals. Without using harsh chemicals or overbearing smells, natural air fresheners safely remove offensive odors.

1. Munchkin Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners

Munchkin’s Nursery Fresheners are ideal for keeping your nursery smelling great. Each disc includes odor-removal baking soda, which eliminates and neutralizes smells in the environment where your infant lives.

To create a calming or energizing ambiance, it is offered in peaceful lavender or zingy citrus. For up to 90 days, this air freshener for baby rooms will keep your nursery smelling great. They are multi-purpose air refreshing discs, so you may use them to get rid of odors in your car, office, or any other musty area of your home.

How Can Using This Product Benefit You?

Any unwelcome scents from soiled diapers are eliminated with Munchkin Arm & Hammer Nursery Fresheners. Your nursery will continue to smell good thanks to the fresh scent.

These little discs function to get rid of unpleasant odors so your baby may sleep peacefully in a fresh atmosphere. They eliminate any offensive odors from clothes. The fresheners are perfect for nurseries, changing tables, and other areas that require a fresh aroma because they are safe to use around newborns.

You may take pleasure in your baby’s lovely aroma with these simple-to-use discs without worrying about foul garbage can scents. After a few of weeks, they get rid of the pot scent.

With these, all animal odors will be eliminated. These discreet air fresheners fit neatly in diaper pails or backpacks, are portable, and are simple to store. Due to their vibrant hues, you may place flowers in any nursery. Best Long-Lasting Air Freshener for Bathroom of 2023.


  • A nice and fresh scent
  • Get rid of any unpleasant diaper smells
  • Get rid of clothing odors
  • Reduces the smell of the garbage can
  • reveals any animal odor
  • Size is small and manageable for storage.


  • The discs don’t have any glue.

2. Macrobaby Baby Powder Scented Room Spray

Using Macrobaby’s baby powder-scented room spray makes it simple to keep your baby’s nursery clean and delicate-smelling. Every time you use it, you’ll be reminded of your child’s nursery by the delicate, powdery aroma.

The mild and calming aroma of baby powder helps to mask any unwelcome scents. It is perfect for usage in any part of your home and is portable, allowing you to take it with you everywhere you go.

How Can Using This Product Benefit You?

The baby powder-scented room spray from Macrobaby is excellent for giving a room a delicate smell. It isn’t overbearing, so your child won’t be bothered. The simple spray nozzle and non-clogging design make it worry-free to operate while ensuring that the space always smells lovely.

It doesn’t stay in the air long enough after spraying to create a terrible scent in the space. You may use it to give your nursery a wonderful scent. Because of its energizing scent, this room spray is ideal for simplifying diaper changes.


  • has a delicate smell
  • not obtrusive
  • A brief period of bad odor persistence
  • Using the spray makes changing diapers simpler
  • It’s really simple to utilize the spray nozzle.
  • Nozzles for spraying don’t clog


  • Climate affects how long fragrances last.

3. Citrus Magic Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener

This durable air freshener eliminates unpleasant scents, leaving the space with a clean, citrus-fresh scent. Moms who are constantly on the run will love how portable and simple it is to use.

For up to four weeks, you may retain the scent of citrus in your baby’s nursery. It gets rid of smells in several rooms. Using it around children and animals is safe.

How Can Using This Product Benefit You?

The citrus aroma of Citrus Magic odor-absorbing solid air freshener is pleasant and not overpowering. These organic air fresheners function by encasing aromas in their porous surfaces, leaving your house with a fresh airy scent.

Instead than covering up unpleasant smells, the infant room air freshener also gets rid of them. Whether it’s a neighborhood stink or a curry scent, these solid air fresheners perform well. Your house will smell wonderful all day long and they are especially appropriate for infant nurseries and other compact places.

It may be utilized in an AC closet as well. Depending on the size of your space, Citrus Magic will keep it smelling fantastic for months.


  • A pleasant aroma that is not overpowering
  • eliminates unpleasant scents rather than hiding them
  • eliminates the odors of the neighborhood and curry
  • Excellent for rooms of all sizes and may be utilized in the AC closet


  • Some consumers claim that it doesn’t smell lemony.

4. Grab Green Diaper Pail Refresh Spray

Grab a can of Grab Green’s Diaper Pail Refresh Spray whenever you want to get rid of diaper pail odor. This item is great for eliminating smells, so your room will smell brand new once more.

The essential oils in this product aid to get rid of any unpleasant odors. Additionally, it is devoid of dyes, phthalates, and parabens, so you can rest easy knowing your child is secure. You may feel good about using it because it is non-toxic and ecologically friendly.

How Can Using This Product Benefit You?

The Grab Green diaper pail refresh spray works wonders in maintaining a fresh scent in your baby’s nursery. It eliminates odors immediately, allowing you to relax knowing that the place where your child plays is odor-free.

This spray’s essential oils eliminate bad smells and provide a clean, welcoming atmosphere. This solution hides the scent so that your child won’t be able to smell any feces or pee odors while also eliminating them.

This organic and biodegradable spray may also be used in litter boxes and trash cans. Additionally, it works well for elders as a deodorizer in the restroom.

The aroma lasts for a very long period when sprayed about using a spray bottle. Until you reopen the pail, you don’t need to be concerned about the stench. Best Air Freshener for Allergy Sufferers – Top 5 Picks for 2023


  • pleasant aroma
  • eliminates smells immediately
  • removes smells from excrement or pee that linger for a long period.
  • Eliminate smells from litter boxes and garbage cans.
  • Seniors’ bathroom deodorizer


  • Climate has an impact on scent life

5. Glade Baby Powder Air Freshener

With this Glade air freshener, you can revitalize the stale air in your child’s nursery. Your baby’s room will quickly start to smell lovely again thanks to the powder fresh scent.

This air freshener is non-irritating and made to cover up food scents, making it the ideal choice for use in the nursery. This fragrance is especially created to be kind to your child’s throat and nose. You may use it as frequently as you’d like without worrying about hurting your baby because it isn’t bothersome.

How Can Using This Product Benefit You?

It is safe for the infant to breathe because it doesn’t contain any disinfectants. Glade baby powder air freshener is simple to use and does not irritate the throat.

This product’s delicate aroma won’t overpower your child because it is carefully developed to deliver one. It imparts a pleasant, fresh scent to the space that will soothe and comfort your infant.

This air freshener spray eliminates the smell of cat excrement and covers up any unpleasant scents that may be present in moist areas. You may use it in many rooms to maintain a fresh scent throughout your entire house. To maintain a fresh bathroom scent, use the air freshener in the toilet.


  • contains no disinfectant
  • doesn’t produce a throat oil burn
  • not obtrusive
  • removes the smell of cat feces
  • covers up smells from damp areas
  • includes a number of rooms


  • quickly loses its odor.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Baby Room Air Freshener

Best Air Freshener for Baby Room

Poopy diaper mishaps are one of the most typical disasters that babies are known for creating. These mishaps may leave your baby’s room smelling unpleasant, which is harmful for their health. To swiftly and safely get rid of unwanted smells, the nursery might benefit from a baby-safe air freshener.

There are a few things to think about while choosing an air freshener for your child’s nursery. The kind of air freshener, the aroma, and how long the fragrance will remain are the most crucial factors. You should also consider any potential sensitivities your child may have.

Let’s go over these elements in further depth so you can pick the ideal air freshener for your child’s room.

Air Freshener Type

The three main types of air fresheners for infant rooms are diffuser, solid, and aerosol spray.

Air fresheners in aerosol form:

If you want to scent your baby’s room, an aerosol air freshener is a perfect choice. It comes in a can, which makes it simple to spray into the air and immediately spreads the aroma throughout the space.

Aerosol spray air fresheners are particularly good at keeping a space smelling fresh because they frequently contain specialized enzymes that aid in neutralizing scents. They often have a range of fragrances.

Dependable air fresheners

For households with young children, solid air fresheners are a wonderful alternative because they are safe to use and won’t emit dangerous chemicals into the air. They won’t cause any allergic reactions or respiratory issues.

These odor-remover products are available in bar or disc shape, and they may be strategically put about the home, such in the diaper pail or close to the changing table. You may select the ideal aroma for your baby’s room from a variety of scents that they provide.

Air fresheners with diffusers

Many parents use diffuser air fresheners to keep their child’s room smelling good. Instead of merely covering scents, they aid in their elimination. This is significant since overwhelming odors can frighten or even make a newborn feel ill.

These air fresheners are completely safe for babies and absolutely non-toxic. Diffuser air fresheners don’t release any hazardous chemicals into the air, in contrast to aerosol air fresheners. They can offer a soft, calming smell to aid in calming and soothing a newborn.


There are several possible smells, so you may pick the one that best matches your requirements. Air fresheners with relaxing aromas, like lavender or citrus, are beneficial for baby nurseries. Your infant may find it easier to go asleep during the night if you use these smells to calm and relax them.

For their child’s room, most parents opt for air fresheners that have a light baby powder aroma. They enjoy the scent of their youth, which helps cover up any unpleasant smells that could be coming from the diaper pail. Additionally, since the majority of air fresheners with a baby powder aroma are unscented, your child won’t be irritated by them.

The air freshener’s Wild Flowers perfume is a delicate, fresh aroma that is neither overbearing nor overwhelming. The scent has undertones of jasmine, lily of the valley, and lavender; it makes me think of a bouquet of recently picked wildflowers. The fragrance is also quite gentle, preventing irritation to the baby’s skin.

It’s quite easy to use the odor remover; just spray it into the air and take pleasure in the energizing smell. It’s also excellent at covering up any bad scents in the space.

The lifespan of a scent

The type of air freshener, the size of the space, and the number of people using it all affect how long the aroma lasts. For instance, solid air fresheners can last up to 90 days whereas aerosol air fresheners normally last 30 days.

The size of the space has an impact on how long an air freshener lasts; for instance, a small room requires less scent than a big one. The number of individuals in a room can also impact how long an odor eliminator lasts; more humans producing heat can speed up the evaporation of the aroma.

How To Use Spray Air Freshener in The Baby Room?

Following are some pointers for utilizing air freshener spray in the nursery:

Step 1: Before spraying, make sure there is enough ventilation. To let in fresh air, open the windows and doors.

Step 2: Check to see whether the air freshener irritates you by testing it first on a tiny patch of wall or ceiling.

Step 3: Spray evenly while holding the can about 12 inches from the surface. Do not spray directly onto your baby’s crib, toys, or any items that might be in touch with them.

Step 4: Wait until the air freshener is totally dry before bringing your child into the space.

With these straightforward suggestions, you may benefit from a fragrant nursery without being concerned about dangerous chemicals or overbearing smells.

How Do You Use a Munchkin Arm And Hammer Diaper Pail?

You just need to put a liner bag in the pail and put soiled diapers through the top entrance to use it. When the bag is full, you can tie it off with the built-in cutter, and the double-sealing cover helps keep smells within. You may fill the pail with an Arm and Hammer diaper pail refill to further reduce odors.

Lift the bag out of the pail when it’s time to empty it, then throw it away in your rubbish can. The Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail also has an activated charcoal filter for further odor control. This filter aids in odor absorption, preserving the fresh scent of your nursery.

How long do Munchkin Nursery Deodorizers Last?

Munchkin Nursery deodorizers have a 90-day shelf life. There are five disc refills included. For optimal results, use each disc for around 20 days. Depending on the size and number of people in the room, you might need to use more or less discs.

Depending on the setting in which the deodorizer is used, the actual time may change. For instance, the deodorizer might not last as long in a hot or humid atmosphere. The deodorizer may stay longer in a well-ventilated space as well.

Where to Put Air Freshener in the Baby Room?

An air freshener should be kept out of your child’s reach, preferably on a higher shelf or in a corner. Additionally, since the fresh air will assist the smell spread, you may place air fresheners close to windows.

Do not place air fresheners next to heat sources like candles or radiators. The air freshener may emit its scent too rapidly due to the heat, creating an overpowering odor. For greatest effectiveness, try to position air fresheners in cold, dry parts of the room.

How Does a Baby Get Too Much Air Freshener in Their System?

It’s important to be aware of the dangers associated with babies inhaling air fresheners. Babies are exposed to chemicals in air fresheners that might irritate their throat and lungs. This can occasionally cause respiratory problems, nausea, and even unconsciousness. In extreme circumstances, inhaling air fresheners might be lethal.

How Should You Respond If Your Child Drinks Air Freshener?

You should seek emergency medical assistance if your youngster consumes air fresheners. Give them little sips of water in the interim to aid with any pain. Most kids who are poisoned by air fresheners recover completely with immediate medical attention.

Are babies safe to use Glade Air Freshener?

Yes, babies may safely use Glade air freshener. Babies and children are not harmed by its substances. They have undergone testing to guarantee that using them near children is safe. There are no recognized health issues associated with them. It is always preferable to keep air fresheners out of reach of youngsters and use them according to the instructions on the package.

Are Kids Safe Around Plug-In Air Fresheners?

When used as instructed, several plug-in air fresheners are safe for children. Many natural essential oils used in air fresheners give out a fresh aroma without using harsh chemicals. Additionally, because most air fresheners are made to disperse a little quantity of scent into the air gradually over time, there is a slight chance that youngsters might be exposed to them.

However, some air fresheners include chemicals. These substances might harm their health if they inhale them. Therefore, keep chemical air fresheners away from youngsters when using them.

Which Diffuser is safe to use while diffusing oils around infants?

Only pure essential oils that are devoid of dangerous compounds should be used around infants since not all essential oils are made equal. Lavender, citrus, chamomile, lemon, dill, eucalyptus, mandarin, tea tree, and dilution are a few of the top oils for baby diffusers.

These diffusers for essential oils offer a relaxing impact that can assist in calming fussy infants and encouraging relaxation. Additionally, you may use them anywhere around kids and newborns without any problems. Do your homework to make sure the oil is of the finest quality and devoid of any hazardous compounds before diffusing it near a newborn.

What essential oils are not suitable for infants?

Several essential oils are contraindicated for use on infants. Several essential oils, including eucalyptus, peppermint, fennel, rosemary, wintergreen, and verbena, may be toxic to young children.

These oils may aggravate the skin, lead to respiratory difficulties, or affect a child’s gastrointestinal system. This is why it’s crucial to get medical advice or have your child’s pediatrician’s approval before using any essential oil diffuser in the nursery.

Can I Use Essential Oils in the Humidifier for My Baby?

Yes, you may add essential oils to the humidifier for your child. Use only a tiny quantity; using too much oil might cause lung irritation. Make sure the oil you select is safe to use around children. Calendula oil, chamomile oil, and lavender oil are a few excellent alternatives. These oils can calm your infant and encourage better sleep.

How Can You Remove the Odor from the Baby’s Room?

Baby’s always pee and poop in their diapers, so it’s challenging to get a baby’s room to smell pleasant. You must also be concerned about their drool and spittle. These things may quickly ruin the scent of a baby’s room.

The easiest approach to eliminate odours from a baby’s nursery is to use an air freshener made with that objective in mind. These cleaning solutions often use natural, baby-safe chemicals to swiftly eliminate unpleasant scents from the space.

A diffuser with essential oils can also be used to help refresh the space. Just use baby-safe oils and keep them out of your child’s reach to prevent accidental ingestion.

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