How to Get Human Urine Smell Out of Car

How to Get Human Urine Smell Out of Car? Easy Guide in 2023

Taking out your toddlers for a drive is always fun. However, not every ride is plain sailing. Car rides can often get messy with pee over the leather seat.

Without proper cleaning, the odor can linger for days. Here, it is crucial to take measures as soon as you can.

Treating human urine on your car might appear impossible in the first place. Nonetheless, getting rid of the odor and stain can be demanding but not impossible.

Immediate treatment and following a few steps will help you get rid of the urine. On that account, it is crucial to go by a series of steps to get the desired result.

In this article, we will break down the method to tackle human urine in the car. Let’s begin!

Things You Will Need to Get Human Urine Smell Out of Car

Get Human Urine Smell Out of Car

When talking about car cleaners, there are plenty of options available in the market. You can get any of these cleaners and get the job done. Nevertheless, store bought cleaners are not budget friendly.

Don’t be fret!

With a few tools in hand, you can skip on expensive cleaners. Everything you need here will be available in your local hardware and grocery stores.

Rubber gloves: As the process involves some intense cleaning and chemicals, it is imperative to protect your hand. For that, a pair of rubber gloves will come in handy.

White vinegar: It is hard to find a house without white vinegar in the pantry. You might have used it for cooking. But did you know about its cleaning capability? We will use it here as well.

Leather Cleaner: Even though we can skip on car cleaners, risking your leather covers will not be wise. Herefore, you can opt for a leather cleaner. A few drops will get the job done. Plus, it is cost effective as well.

Baking soda: It will be hard to find an agent that will be as effective stain remover as Bicarbonate of soda. Moreover, it helps in neutralizing the lingering odor as well.

Spray bottle: A spray bottle will come in handy in spraying cleaning agents over a car surface. Plus, it will ensure an even distribution of liquid as well.

Scrapper: For rigid odor, you might need to take off some bits of the foam. A scraper will make the task easier here.

Other than that, you will need dishwashing soap, a toothbrush, and detergent. Once you have all of these essentials, you can move to the cleaning part.

Methods of how to Get Human Urine Smell Out of Car

Methods of how to Get Human Urine Smell Out of Car

When dealing with urine, immediate action is the key. Once you make a delay, the liquid gets a chance to settle down. Then it gets difficult to get rid of the stinky smell.

Treating the urine odor is not a one step process. It will take a bit of effort and time to get the job done.

To make the cleaning procedure easy to follow, we have divided it into a few steps. Continue reading to know about the most convenient way to clean your car.

Step 1: Opening the Door and Windows

The first step will be to open up all the doors and windows of the car. That will allow the odor from urine and cleaning agents to escape.

Before you move on to the next step, make sure to wear your rubber gloves. After all, none of us want the smell to linger on our hands.

Step 2: Preparing Cleaning Solution

Take out a small bowl to mix 470 mL water and 15 mL white vinegar. When the mixture turns homogenous, add 15 mL liquid dishwasher in the liquid. Stir gently until the dishwasher dissolves completely.

Do not skip on the vinegar! It helps to break down the acid bond in urine. In addition, it helps to treat the odor as well!

Step 3: Treating the Stain

Now dip a sponge in the mixture and squeeze out the excess liquid. Make sure your sponge is not dripping in the liquid and is partly dry.

Now, dab the sponge over the stain. The dabbing part is crucial. Don’t wipe or blot the spot. Wiping will result in soaking the spot even more.

Work from outside towards the interior of the stain. That way, you can control the stain from spreading in other places.

Step 4: Blotting the Surface

After that, blot the spot with a dry cloth. Dab over the spot to soak up the remaining liquid. Alternate between the wet sponge and dry cloth. Continue till there is no stain visible on the seat.

If the stain is still visible, you will need to take an alternate route. Pour 3% hydrogen peroxide into an eyedropper. You can use some ammonia in here as well.

Use the dropper to apply a small amount of the liquid over the stain. Now, use the dry towel to dab and take off excess liquid.

Step 5: Dry Surface

With that, the cleaning part is done. But, do not close the door and windows immediately. Even though the surface is almost dry, leaving it in the open air will take away the remaining odor.

Hence, leave the door open for a while. Lastly, make sure the car is completely dry before the next use.

Final Words

Human Urine Smell Out of Car

Despite the highest cautionary measures, accidents may happen. Nevertheless, immediate action can reduce the risk factor. So, opt for disinfecting and cleaning as soon as you can manage.

For immediate treatment, it is imperative to keep the necessary tools at arm’s reach. If you are skeptical about synthetic cleaners, you can opt for sodium bicarbonate and acetic acid.

Have a safe drive!

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