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Best Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution – Recommendations for 2023

Having a tanning bed could be a luxury as a result of it permits you to urge yourself a tan with no schedule and you do not have that enough time for your tanning sessions. Thus, it eliminates all of your worries regarding attending a salon.

We all know it makes life a lot easier. However, what about its cleaning process? Whether or not you’re employing a tanning bed for private use or business purposes, cleaning is essential. Therefore, we have the best tanning bed cleaning solution in the following part.

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Citrus II Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution | Deodorizing Cleaner
Citrus II Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution | Deodorizing Cleaner

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CleanSmart Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution | Surface & Air Cleaner
CleanSmart Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution | Surface & Air Cleaner

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Blue Ribbon Plexi-Clean Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution | Acrylic Cleaner
Blue Ribbon Plexi-Clean Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution | Acrylic Cleaner

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Lucas Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution | Acrylic and Plastic Cleaner
Lucas Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution | Acrylic and Plastic Cleaner

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Lucasol One-Step Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution | Hospital Grade Disinfectant
Lucasol One-Step Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution | Hospital Grade Disinfectant

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Best Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution Reviews

Tanning bed gives you the opportunity of enjoying a tanning session at home. But it also needs proper maintenance as it leaves contaminants, junks, germs etc. The following cleaning solutions will give you the accurate cleaning surety to your tanning bed.

1. Citrus II Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution | Deodorizing Cleaner

This incredible cleaner has a wonderful smell, and it is very strong. It doesn’t have any harsh chemical smell. Plus, it is manufactured specifically as a disinfectant and non-acidic cleaner. Even this cleaner is registered by an independent agency (Environmental Protection Agency).

Moreover, it has the capability of killing 99% of the germs and bacteria as well as viruses. It is a heavy duty cleaner that has no phenols, alcohols, or bleaching agents. Plus, it does not solely disinfectant the area, but it removes the smells caused by microorganisms.

Furthermore, it doesn’t need any dilution and it comes in a ready-to-use formula. Plus, this nice product can be used at offices, salons, hospitals, schools, homes etc. besides tanning beds. Such compatibility makes it the best among others.

Most liking feature

This cleaner is right for all vent less and non-critical instruments as well as arduous surfaces while not scrubbing.

Probable Drawback

Users mentioned that the bottle would possibly leak during handling and shipping and therefore the packaging must be better.

Key Features

  • It has a very powerful smell  and is a great disinfectant
  • It is EPA registered
  • It is a multi-purpose cleaner
  • It is very easy to use as it has a ready-to-use formula

2. CleanSmart Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution | Surface & Air Cleaner

Do you have sensitivity regarding odors? Do the chemical smells of disinfectants, cleaners and bleach hassle you? The good means is to use CleanSmart everyplace in your home as well as in your tanning bed. It uses acid technology for cleaning areas.

This acid is a natural germ killer, and it’s conjointly established in our immune system. CleanSmart is built in an exceedingly way that you simply don’t need to rinse or wipe the surfaces of things. The improvement procedure is comparatively simple.

Moreover, CleanSmart scientists have manufactured this product environment-friendly. This product is bleach, dye, artificial fragrance, toxic chemical, allergen etc. free and so considered the best tanning bed cleaner among other cleaners.

Most liking feature

It is child and pet-friendly. Plus, it breaks the improvement solution into the isomeric solution once operating its magic, and it leaves no harsh surpluses behind.

Probable Drawback

This cleaner might not be a heavy-duty cleaning solution and users might face difficulties with its spraying nozzle during using.

Key Features

  • This cleaner is artificial chemical fragrance free
  • They use acid technology that makes them powerful tanning bed sanitizers
  • It is constituted with natural components
  • It is a all-purpose cleaner and very easy to apply

3. Blue Ribbon Plexi-Clean Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution | Acrylic Cleaner

Do you have concerns about the surfaces not being brighter enough with strokes on them? This Blue Ribbon cleaner is potent enough to chop through sticky fingerprints; however, the answer is gentle enough to not injury your painted surfaces.

Don’t be fooled by its packaging as a result of it’s not some customary or average cleaner. This USA-made improvement solution is safe for many plastic acrylic and vinyl surfaces. This distinctive anti-static formula eliminates grease, dirt, and mud and leaves no smudges.

Plus, it leaves the world shiny because it cleans. Moreover, this glorious product works against robust stains and makes the surface crystal clear and shiny. Thus this cleaner will be proved as a blessing as a versatile tanning bed acrylic cleaner.

Most Liking Feature

This acrylic disinfectant spray incorporates a new protection leak-proof trigger that forestalls the cleaning agent from leaking.

Probable Drawback

The nozzle of the spray bottle may break easily, and one will have to be compelled to transfer the cleaner to a brand new spray bottle.

Key Features

  • It is a perfect acrylic and plastic cleaner
  • It includes a new leak-proof spray bottle
  • It is great for repelling dust and removing grease
  • It makes the surface clean and shiny

4. Lucas Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution | Acrylic and Plastic Cleaner

Those who search for a cleaner that has both acrylic and plastic cleaning capability, Lucas acrylic and plastic can be great option for them. This acrylic cleaner is specifically developed for makeup kiosks, salons, spas and tanning beds.

This cleaner is intended for all thermoplastics; thus you’ll use it on those surfaces safely. It is eco-friendly and doesn’t possess any ammonia. Moreover, it has a ready-to-use cleanup formula that creates simple cleaning and stress-free.

This recent cleaning formula uses a singular combination of liquid agents and soil interrupting detergents. Such an inclusive formula makes it the most distinguished acrylic tanning bed cleaner and also the best tanning bed cleaning solution.

Most Liking Feature

This cleaner comes in a lotion formula that removes residues, tanning lotion junks, soil streaks, greasy fingerprints etc.

Probable Drawback

The only negative side of this cleaning solution is that it only works in removing the oily and greasy residues and so it is not fully a sanitizer.

Key Features

  • It is especially developed for using in makeup salons, spas
  • It contains ready to use technology
  • It removes oil and grease effectively
  • It is very eco-friendly

5. Lucasol One-Step Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution | Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Are you searching for an affordable disinfectant that doesn’t have a powerful chemical smell however is super concentrated? This simple to combine and usable cleaner is safe. Plus, it has a nice smell and a transparent resolution.

The directions are simple; you simply got to mix 2 ounces of this cleanup solution in 3.5 gallons of water for generating strength.. Moreover, this neutral pH scale concentrate formula kills nearly everything inside 10 minutes.

You’ll be able to use it safely for industrial, commercial, and house cleaning. You’ll be able to use Lucasol cleaner on walls, floors, untarnished steel, metal floors, granite, marble, restroom bowls etc. and so on. Plus, it’s additionally safe for tanning beds’ and acrylic surfaces.

Most Liking Feature

This cleaner comes in a long-lasting, chemical absorbent plastic spray bottle. It’ll assist you clean your tanning beds with no leaks.

Probable Drawback

This is overall a very good cleaner but users may face difficulties for bad delivery service as it comes in a bottle so over-pressure can create breakage to the bottle.

Key Features

  • It has a very nice smell and effective formula
  • It can be used for all purpose cleaning
  • It is eco-friendly and a affordable cleaner
  • It is very convenient for using

Things to Consider Before Buying Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution

Best Tanning Bed Cleaning Solution

Tanning yourself personally sounds good, however the foremost crucial factor is its cleaning. Many types of tanning bed cleaners are offered within the market, and that they ought to be cleansed thoroughly for being the best tanning bed cleaner.


The best tanning bed cleanup resolution ought to be sturdy enough to assist you clean the complete surface with efficiency and leave it dirt-free. You don’t wish any bodily fluids or germs lurking around your tanning bed.


What tanning bed cleaner you choose should be safe and not harm your skin once it comes up-to-date with the cleansing solution. Moreover, it should be eco-friendly and may not include harsh chemicals.

Plus, whichever one you purchase, confirm that it’s pH neutral. It is because cleaning agents with high or low pH can irritate skin.


You need a purifier that is mainly developed for UVA and UVB tanning beds due to the fact that those cleaners can save you from the accumulation of factors which could cause UVB and UVA blockage.

Moreover, every other random purifier will now no longer smooth the tanning mattress thoroughly; thus, inflicting buildup. Plus, it’s going to save you UVB and UVA rays from penetrating the acrylics.


The tanning sanitizers and disinfectants should be used not only for cleaning tanning beds but also for household works, kitchens, schools, offices, salons, industrial areas etc. In fact, they should have multi-purpose using capabilities.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Do I need to wear gloves when using the cleaner?

No, you don’t need to wear gloves or hand protection equipment while applying the cleaner as the cleaner is very safe and gentle. Plus, it has no harsh chemical particles, alcoholic elements, toxins etc. But if anyone has more sensitivity issues, then one can wear gloves.

2. Will it work with cleaning tattoo equipment?

Yes, it will.

The cleaner is a multi-purpose usable disinfectant so it will work well with any purposes like tattoo equipment cleaning, hospital equipment cleaning, kitchen cleaning etc.

It has no harsh composition rather it has super effective acid technology which is very good for tattoo equipment cleaning. So it can surely be said that it will work great in tattoo equipment cleaning

3. Does it work with acrylic food containers’ cleaning?

Yes, it does.

The cleaner is a great acrylic and plastic sanitizer. So it does work greatly with acrylic food containers. Even not only food containers, all acrylic equipment can be cleaned by the cleaner effectively.

4. How can I get the best tanning bed cleaner?

To get the proper tanning bed sanitizer, you have to choose a cleaner that has a safe and secured cleaning agent, eco-friendly nature, neutral Ph, UVA & UVB protection etc. If these things are well balanced and maintained, thus you will get the desired tanning bad disinfectants.

Final Words

Some fashion stylist people like to be tanned in the sunbath and some like to be tanned privately by a tanning bed machine. But to have a great tanning bed, it is very essential to maintain the bed’s cleanliness.

And for that, if you look at the products mentioned above, you’ll get the best tanning bed cleaning solution. Always keep in mind that an honest tanning bed cleaner can deliver correct tanning.

Have a great cleaning!

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