How to Clean a Rusty Gas Tank with Muriatic Acid

How to Clean a Rusty Gas Tank with Muriatic Acid? Easy Method in 2023

After using the motorcycle for a long time the tank started to get rusty from the inside. Thus the performance declines and the rider has to face many difficulties. That time you need to Clean a Rusty Gas Tank.

And to do that you need to know the right procedures, here we will help you with the necessary guidelines for How to Clean a Rusty Gas Tank with Muriatic Acid?

What is Muriatic Acid

What is Muriatic Acid

Acids aren’t only toxic substances that require thick gloves to handle; an acid is anything with a pH of 7 or below. Muriatic acid is one of the many names for hydrochloric acid. This is a very corrosive and powerful acid.

It is also known as salt spirits. “Muriatic” implies “related to salt.” Muriatic acid has the chemical formula HCl. The acid is generally accessible at home improvement stores. Muriatic acid is, predictably, an acid. This includes vinegar and all citrus fruits, as well as certain well-known acids such as hydrochloric acid and oxalic acid, which are included in baking powder and several bleaches.

Muriatic Acids have a wide range of applications, including home cleaning and flavoring food and beverages. This is also able to clean rust from iron and steel. Those are a bit strong though. And, while bases and acids may be used to neutralize one another.

How to Clean a Rusty Gas Tank with Muriatic Acid

Clean a Rusty Gas Tank with Muriatic Acid

The rust on the gas tank is very stubborn, I do not want it to easily go off. So in this situation acid helps to remove it. But the Muriatic Acid is very strong and has a toxic formula. So before starting with the Muriatic Acid you have to take necessary precautions.

Wear hand gloves to protect the hands. Make sure the hand or any part of your skin does not come in any direct contact with the acid otherwise you may end up burning your skin. Then a safety glass, easily accessible from any nearby shop, to protect the eyes.

A protection shield is also necessary to protect the whole face, so to be extra careful buy a face protection shield as well. Now you are all ready to move forward and start cleaning a Rusty Gas Tank with Muriatic Acid.

Step 1: Go Outside

Performing the task inside the room or home is not safe because the air flow is being disrupted here. You must perform this in a well-ventilated place, and because the acid might splatter, you should avoid being near anything that it could harm.

Even if you’re using a mild acid like vinegar, you don’t want the acidic gasses to accumulate indoors. They may not be hazardous, but the smell can be unpleasant, and having acid vapor near goods that do not need to be stripped is usually a terrible idea.

Step 2:  Check and Remove the Tank

Essentially, you’ll need to jack up the vehicle and remove the straps. The strap is the one that keeps the tank in place. Once the tank is out, place the tank somewhere well-ventilated and away from sparks and fires.

Before you begin adding the muriatic acid into your fuel tank, insert a few test pieces in a glass or ceramic dish to ensure that your acid does not react negatively.

Step 3: Empty the Tank

Check whether the tank is empty or not. Empty any remaining gas from the tank using a siphon. Using a garden hose, thoroughly clean the interior of the tank. Remove the water.

Now, insert a handful of nuts and bolts, this will help to remove varnish from the gas tank,. For five to ten minutes, roll the fasteners around in the tank. Dump the fasteners and re-spray the gas tank. If necessary, repeat.

Step 4: Pour the Acid

It is not a good decision to pour the acid directly into the tank. First, a bucket with three or four cups of lime. Then add a gallon of water and stir it with a long stick. Pour the muriatic acid from the gas tank slowly into the lime to neutralize it.

As required, add additional lime until the fizzing stops. It’s now safe to flush the acid down the toilet. Fill the tank once more with water. Fill the tank with a half-gallon of muriatic acid. Do not remove the acid, you have to keep it inside for some time to get a better result.

Step 5: Add the Agitator

You’re not attempting to fill the tank to the brim. Instead, a handful or two will remove the rust and shoot the acid about the tank into corners, crannies, and crevices. If you’re really paranoid, you can count the objects you’re using so you can count them again after you empty them.

You can experiment with different techniques of agitation. You can cover the whole thing in thick moving blankets, duct tape it all together, and put it in an old clothes dryer with no heat for a bit.

Or you can jack up the back of his riding mower and use bungee cords to secure the tank to the rear tire, then shift into gear and gently roll the tank around and around.

Step 6: Fill the Tank with Water

Fill the tank once more with water. Fill the tank with a half-gallon of muriatic acid. For a few minutes, move the tank about. Allow the gas tank to lie overnight to clear out the varnish.

to neutralize and eliminate the muriatic acid Using a garden hose, thoroughly clean the interior of the tank. Allow it to air dry before reusing it. Otherwise, water will be mixed in with the gas.

Final Words

Rusty Gas Tank with Muriatic Acid

By following the steps you can easily Clean a Rusty Gas Tank with Muriatic Acid. The process is not difficult once you have the proper guidelines. Just try to be careful with the acid and keep the children or pets away while you are working on it. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to let us know.

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