Drain Cleaner for Basement Floor Drain

Best Drain Cleaner for Basement Floor Drain of 2023

Basement floor drains allow water to exit your property, but they are prone to clogging with garbage and sludge. If you don’t clear the blockage in your floor drain, water may back up into your basement, requiring expensive repairs. Additionally, a clogged floor drain can serve as a haven for germs and algae.

In extreme circumstances, this accumulation may cause a pipe to become stopped, resulting in basement flooding. Utilizing the finest drain cleaner for basement floor drains is an important preventative strategy. By dissolving the accumulation of organic materials, this drain cleaner will get your drain back to functioning order.

Despite the fact that there are several drain cleaners to pick from, you must base your decision on the sort of cleaning you need. Read this post to learn about the best drain cleaner for basement floor drain and how to choose the right one.

What to Do If the Basement Drain is Clogged With Dirt?

Flooding and unpleasant odors are only two issues that might result from a clogged basement floor drain. There are a few DIY methods you may use to unclog the basement floor drain if you find yourself in this situation:

  • Attempt to clear the obstruction with a plunger.
  • If it doesn’t work, you can try using a drain snake or auger.

If the drain is still clogged, you might need to use drain cleaner to clean out the basement drain. To stop additional harm, mop up any standing water and keep the area as dry as you can in the interim.

Can I Put Drain Cleaner Down to Unclog Basement Floor Drain?

It may be equally annoying to have a clogged floor drain in your basement, and if you’re like most people, your first reaction is to grab the closest bottle of drain cleaner. However, you should be aware that the majority of conventional drain cleaners are produced with strong chemicals that might harm your pipes before you pour those caustic substances down your drain.

Additionally, using them might be risky, especially if you have young children or pets at home. These products have the potential to be more harmful than beneficial if misused. So how should a floor drain be cleaned?

The majority of experts advise utilizing drain cleaner produced with environmentally friendly, biodegradable components. Because it includes natural bacteria that consume the organic stuff obstructing your drain, an enzyme drain cleaner is the ideal approach to clear a clogged basement floor drain.

If using strong chemicals in your basements worries you, try one of the drain cleaners listed below.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Green Gobbler Liquid Drain Cleaner Basement Floor
Green Gobbler Liquid Drain Cleaner Basement Floor

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CLR Leach Field Friendly Drain Cleaner for Basement Floor
CLR Leach Field Friendly Drain Cleaner for Basement Floor

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Helix Laboratories BioFresh Enzyme Drain Cleaner
Helix Laboratories BioFresh Enzyme Drain Cleaner

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Roebic Drain Cleaner in Floor Drain
Roebic Drain Cleaner in Floor Drain

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Zeiff Basement Floor Drain Cleaner
Zeiff Basement Floor Drain Cleaner

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Best Drain Cleaner for Basement Floor Drain – Top Five Recommendations

A product called basement drain cleaner is used to unclog clogged drains in the basement. These drain cleaners are made to dislodge obstructions and let water pass freely through the drain.

The top five suggestions for clearing basement drains are as follows:

1. Green Gobbler Liquid Drain Cleaner Basement Floor

It may be time to apply Green Gobbler drain cleaning if your basement drain is plugged. You may use this product with confidence because it won’t harm your pipes or septic system. Additionally, it works well to clear basement drain obstructions.

A strong tool for unclogging obstructions is Green Gobbler liquid drain cleaning for basement floors. This strong main line drain opener for pipes dissolves paper and organic matter and clings to pipes to liquefy stubborn drain clogs.

Its ground-breaking solution works wonders for both clearing obstructions and performing routine maintenance. Hair, sludge, and other material are swiftly broken down to keep your sink drain clear and running. You may feel good about using it because it is also ecologically friendly and biodegradable. You may also like some of the Drain Cleaner for Galvanized Pipe  from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

What this product can do for you:

Green Gobbler (AX-AY-ABHI-88187) might be a terrific option if you’re seeking for a better alternative to utilizing harsh chemicals to unclog your drain if your basement sink is clogged. It works tirelessly to clear drains and has a far lower chemical scent than other cleansers.

Pouring this ecologically friendly liquid drain cleaner directly down the drain will start the clog-clearing process almost instantly. Before attempting to clear the drain with hot water, you should let the cleaner at least a half-hour to work. Additionally, most obstructions should be cleared with just a half bottle.


  • both natural and biodegradable components
  • ecologically friendly and secure
  • opener for high-density basement drains
  • an alternative to drain cleaners made of toxic chemicals


  • The liquid is clear, making measurement challenging.
  • To remove thick blockages, many treatments can be necessary.

2. CLR Leach Field Friendly Drain Cleaner for Basement Floor

Have you had trouble keeping the floor drain in your basement clear and unclogged? If so, CLR leach field friendly drain cleaner may be a preventative maintenance tool that dissolves clog-causing buildup, making it simpler to maintain a clear drain. Rest confident that your drain will remain clear and unclogged because it is also safe for your basement floor drain pipes.

Your basement floor drain will benefit greatly from the safe and ecologically friendly CLR basement sewer cleaner. This item is EPA-certified and serves as a substitute for harsh chemical cleansers. Additionally, this product is safe to use around your house because it doesn’t include ammonia, phosphates, or bleach. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the Air Freshener for Cooking Smells.

What this product can do for you:

CLR (CBR-6) is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a drain cleaner that’s secure for your pipes and septic system. This fragrance-free basement drain cleaner is leach field friendly, so you won’t be bothered while cleaning up a horrible mess. Additionally, it works on all varieties of drains, allowing you to use it with assurance.

This product works fast and effectively to eliminate any obstructions and may be used on any drains, including toilets. Drains are susceptible to clogging with time, therefore you should use CLR to maintain them.


  • alternatives to harsh chemicals for cleaning
  • suitable for floor drains in basements
  • dissolves built-up gunk
  • suitable for all drain pipe types


  • This product causes drains to take some time to open.

3. Helix Laboratories BioFresh Enzyme Drain Cleaner

Looking for an ecologically friendly and effective approach to clear your basement floor drains? Look no farther than Helix Laboratories BioFresh enzyme drain cleaning. This strong cleanser employs enzymes to clear stinky drains and keep your pipes flowing smoothly.

This is very concentrated, which makes it good value for money as a tiny bit covers a long way. Using this solution will not have to worry about drainage concerns due to natural bacteria cultures. If required, you may use BioFresh anyplace there is a drain, pipe, or septic system.

What this product can do for you:

BioFresh drain cleaner by Helix Laboratories for the basement is an excellent solution for basement drain cleaning. It comes with its dilution instructions and has a nice scent itself. It will assist to break down any organic debris that may be obstructing your drains and aid to keep them working smoothly.

Its strong composition is great for unclogging and deodorizing any drain in your house, making it a must-have for every homeowner. So don’t allow that odor keep you from enjoying your basement any longer; try Helix Laboratories BioFresh enzyme basement drain cleaning.


  • Decompose organic materials
  • Keep basement floor drain working smoothly
  • Perfect for deodorizing any drain
  • Natural bacteria cultures prevent drainage issues


  • Heavy obstructions might require numerous days of therapy

4. Roebic Drain Cleaner in Floor Drain

The Roebic (K-97-Q) drain cleaner is the right choice for sewage cleanout in the basement. The cleaner includes millions of specialized biodegradable bacteria that digest garbage and sludge, keeping your drains clear and functioning. Retaining waste-degrading bacteria boosts the effectiveness of smaller, overworked systems, allowing your drain to remain clean year-round.

This strong yet ecologically sound cleaner is great for low water pressure in toilets or other circumstances when a little additional oomph is needed. It also works without strong odours, so you can keep your basement smelling fresh.

What this product can do for you:

With Roebic drain cleaning in the floor drain, you can simply maintain your floor drain sanitary and free of obstructions. This safe and efficient mixture is great for regular maintenance and can help avoid future obstructions and basement drain clean-out.

As well as eliminating roots, this substance cleans out the main line and is not damaging to residential plumbing or the surroundings. Use Roebic to restore the right flow and maintain your basement drains running properly.


  • Contains no harsh odours
  • Hygienically manage your floor drains
  • Contains millions of specialized bacteria
  • Efficacious recipe for regular maintenance


  • Need to flush a couple of times after applying

5. Zeiff Basement Floor Drain Cleaner

A strong and efficient way to clean basement floor drains is by using Zeiff basement floor drain cleaner. For any difficult cleaning work, this multipurpose enzyme cleanser will produce expert results. Strong enzymes in its special, non-corrosive mixture remove blockages and smells.

It has a super-strong unique composition that enables it to break down and digest complex organic proteins. Without leaving any visible trace, it may quickly cut through oil, scum, and dirt. Additionally, it is mild on all surface types.

What this product can do for you:

The Zeiff (ZC25017) basement drain opener is a pH-neutral, non-acidic cleanser that may be used by both experts and regular people. This product may be used on practically any surface and is non-flammable.

This cleanser leaves a lasting freshness without caustics or dyes thanks to its delicate lavender aroma. This cleaner is a fantastic option for people wishing to do the task correctly because it is well-known for its efficacy among experts and customers alike.


  • Formulas that aren’t corrosive include potent enzymes.
  • digests with a high level of strength
  • gives forth a lingering lavender aroma
  • Easily remove oily residues, sludge, and dirt


  • Strong scents may give you a headache.

How to Choose the Best Drain Cleaner for Unclogging Basement Floor Drain?

Best Drain Cleaner for Basement Floor Drain

One of the most frequent issues in a home is a clogged drain, which can be a great inconvenience. They not only look bad, but they can also leak and require expensive repairs. But it can be challenging to decide which is ideal for your requirements when there are so many alternatives available.

When selecting the finest basement drain cleaner for your basement floor drain, keep the following considerations in mind:

Efficiency of the Cleaner

There are several things to take into account while selecting a drain cleaner, including the cleaner’s power. The power of the cleaner is also crucial since it affects how long the cleaning will take. While a stronger cleaner will often work more quickly, your pipes may be more likely to be harmed by it.

A milder drain cleaner, on the other hand, could take longer to work but is less likely to harm pipes. Therefore, you have to pick a drain cleaner in accordance with the particular requirements of the concerned drain.

Using purer ingredients

The components should be taken into account in addition to strength when choosing a drain cleaner. While some cleaners utilize natural substances that are better for humans and pipes, others employ strong chemicals that can be deadly if applied incorrectly.

Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a cleaner that uses only natural components. Additionally, utilizing a cleaner with natural chemicals has a number of advantages:

  • They provide you and your family far more safety.
  • Your pipes will likely sustain less harm from them.
  • Your house will smell clean and fresh when they depart.
  • Read the label carefully before choosing a cleaning, making sure it’s safe for both persons and the materials in pipes.

Chemical Makeup of the Cleaner

It’s crucial to take the cleaner’s material form into account when choosing a drain cleaner to unclog a basement floor drain. For instance, although some drain cleaners are in gel form, others are in liquid form.

Although liquid drain cleaners are often more successful at clearing blockages, improper use of these products can make them more caustic and even damage your pipes. Gel drain cleaners are less damaging to your pipes but less effective in clearing out stubborn jams.

Additionally, certain drain cleaners are made to be used with particular drains, such basement or shower drains.

Cleaner fragrance and scent

When selecting a basement drain cleaner, aroma and smell are crucial factors to take into account. This is crucial if you use the cleaner inside your house or around kids. A powerful perfume can be overpowering or even harmful.

A cleaner with a nice, fresh aroma, on the other hand, will unclog your basement floor drain much more quickly. A cleaner with a nice aroma is also less likely to irritate the respiratory system or result in other health issues.

Plague Formula

The cleaner’s capacity to clear clogged basement floor drains can be considerably influenced by its bacteria mix. Bacteria can come in a variety of forms and concentrations depending on the recipe. While certain formulae may be better at eliminating mineral deposits, others may be more successful at dissolving organic debris.

There are many different formulae available, so be careful to pick one that is appropriate for your unique requirements. It is crucial to choose a formula that is appropriate for the work since different formulae have various strengths and limitations.

Is It Acidic?

It’s important to think about whether the cleaning you’re applying is acidic or not when unclogging a basement floor drain. This is significant because you must use the appropriate cleaner for the task since different cleaners will have varied effects on your drain.

For instance, acidic cleansers can dissolve the clog itself, which is advantageous if it is formed of grease or hair. However, if used too frequently, they can also harm your pipes, so it’s crucial to use them rarely.

On the other hand, non-acidic cleansers are kinder on your pipes but could be less successful at dissolving stubborn blockages. In the end, thoroughly considering the kind of blockage you’re dealing with and then selecting the cleaner that will most successfully clear it is the ideal method to choose a drain cleaner.


Some drain cleaners are more caustic and/or strong than others. Because of this, it’s crucial to take the certification into account before purchasing one for your house. It is more probable that drain cleaners with certifications from the EPA or other organizations will be efficient and secure for your house.

They have been evaluated and shown to be effective on all obstructions. Therefore, you should search for a drain cleaner that has a certification from a trustworthy organization while you’re buying. This will guarantee a high-quality solution for your clogged drain.

Choosing the best drain cleaner for your requirements might be challenging because there are so many different varieties available. But by taking into account the characteristics mentioned above, you may reduce your options and discover the best drain cleaner for clearing your basement floor drain.

What are the Different Types of Liquid Drain Cleaners Available?

There are three basic categories of liquid drain cleaners: enzymatic, caustic, and acidic. It’s crucial to choose the cleaner that best suits your needs because each type of cleaner has a different set of advantages and disadvantages.

Cleaners with Enzymes

Cleaning solutions called enzymatic cleansers employ enzymes to break down organic material. Cleanup mistakes with these non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleansers. Because they don’t rely on harsh chemicals or synthetic perfumes, they are both safe for human health and the environment.

By releasing enzymes that bond to organic materials and break it down into tiny pieces, enzymatic cleansers function. The organic debris is subsequently digested by the enzymes, making it simple to remove off surfaces. They can be more expensive than other cleaners, though, and they don’t work as well on stubborn clogs.

These enzymatic cleansers frequently have microorganisms in them that aid in further organic waste breakdown. They are therefore perfect for usage in rooms containing a lot of organic material, such bathrooms and kitchens. However, keep in mind that living plants or animals should not be cleaned with enzymatic cleansers.

corrosive cleaners

Drain cleaners known as caustic cleansers break down oil and hair through chemical reactions. These cleaners frequently include strong chemicals that can harm pipes, including lye or sulfuric acid.

Additionally, caustic cleansers may corrode skin. Wear gloves and exercise caution while using caustic cleaners to protect your skin.

These cleansers work well in dissolving grease and hair, although caution should be exercised while using them. Before using a caustic cleanser if you have any reservations, see a specialist.

abrasive cleaners

Acidic cleansers are frequently used because they are good at unclogging blocked drains. Because they operate to dissolve mineral deposits and other solid things, they are efficient at eliminating obstructions.

This is accomplished by dissolving these substances at the molecular level in sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. However, using acidic cleansers too regularly might harm the pipes in the basement. This is because the pipes’ substance is being destroyed by the acids’ corrosive nature.

Therefore, it is advised that users of acidic cleansers use caution and just a little amount of them to prevent damage to their plumbing. Furthermore, it’s crucial never to combine various cleansers because doing so might result in harmful chemical reactions.

Can Drain Cleaner Unclog the Basement Floor Drain P-Trap?

A trap, known as a P-trap, is often installed in the basement floor drain to assist stop sewage gas from entering the house. Debris buildup in the P-trap over time might result in water backing up into the basement floor drain.

Homeowners typically use drain cleaner in an effort to unclog the drain when this occurs. Drain cleaners made of chemicals are not intended for P-traps and may cause more damage than good. Drain cleaners’ chemicals have the potential to harm the P-trap, increasing the likelihood of future failure.

However, if you utilize enzyme-based drain cleaners, they will not only clear any obstructions in your pipes but also clean your P-trap. A natural solution to maintain the clarity and free flow of your basement floor drain is using enzyme drain cleaners.

Is Drain Cleaner Dangerous for Long-Term Use for Basement Floor Drain?

Even while utilizing drain cleaners to unclog a floor drain in your basement may seem like a quick fix, you can end up doing more harm than good in the long run. This is due to the fact that many of the components in these solutions are extremely corrosive and may damage pipes and create leaks.

Additionally, these items’ vapors might be harmful to your health, especially if you use them in a small area like a basement. If you use a drain cleaner, make sure the area is adequately ventilated and that you are wearing safety gear such gloves and a mask.

Can I Pour Bleach With a Drain Cleaner Down My Basement Drain?

Pouring bleach and drain cleaner down your basement drains is never a smart idea. Combining these two substances creates hazardous sewage vapors that break down your basement drainage system over time.

Bleach releases poisonous fumes when it comes into touch with other cleaning chemicals. These sewage fumes have the potential to harm your health and taint the air in your house.

Additionally, over time, your pipes might corrode from using bleach and other cleaning solutions. Your home may eventually sustain water damage as a result of leaks caused by this erosion.

Is Drain Cleaner Worth Using to Unclog Basement Floor Drains?

Many homeowners use drain cleaner to unclog basement floor drains when they grow blocked over time and hinder water flow. But would drain cleaner work to unclog a clogged floor drain in a basement?

The best drain cleaner for basement floor drain might be an incredible solution to have on hand if you have a clogged basement drain. These cleaners are intended to swiftly and effectively clear drains without using harsh chemicals.

Therefore, the answer to the question of whether or not it is worthwhile to use drain cleaner to unclog your basement floor drain is a resounding yes. These cleaners are a great method to remove any obstructions stopping water from flowing freely fast and effectively.

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